About Leelakaar

What do you do when you start feeling trapped in your “escape” ? Turn back to your roots, where you truly belong.

All the decisions you take lead you to where you are meant to be, the choices I took based on my deep love for sarees took me back to my motherland, West Bengal.

An enlightening experience which showed me the story of every single saree, made with sweat, tears and plenty of love.

I would want the world to understand that its not just a mere piece of cloth worn by a woman, but its a collection of all the emotions, assiduous work of the weavers, that when worn represents our rich old Indian culture that treated women nothing less than a Goddess.

Leelakaar is a family, from all those local artisans who have passed on these traditions from centuries and dedicated their entire lives to give us an essence of dying ethnicity and rich heritage to each and every goddess who adorns it with grace. Leelakaar is a promise a legacy, which I wish to give back to these people and for generations to come. A girl with a small dream but big aspirations who once made wish upon a peacock feather, I SUTAPA , present you LEELAKAAR which is born, created and shaped with the help of my two supporting pillars – RAUNAQ and YUTIKA.

Why Leelakaar?

When you buy from Leelakaar, you don’t just buy a saree. You choose the cultural essence of West Bengal.

  • It isn’t just a brand that provides you with good quality of sarees, but it’s a family built over trust with a lot of efforts invested by all the people associated with it who tries to give their best to bring out the finest that suits your wardrobe.
  • All the handcrafted pieces of art are selectively hand picked so that you can experience the essence of its true culture from where it actually comes from, its origin – West Bengal.
  • As time passes by and our relationship grows stronger, the bond that we’ve created will last forever. Here’s a step to give back the unconditional love we have received so that we, together, will leave a legacy behind.

A Positive Force For People

We look our best in subdued colors, sophisticated cuts, and a general air of sleek understatement. I believe in comfort.


The spark in his eyes and the skills in his hands aren’t just inherited gifts from up above but a choice he made once upon a time.


What sets us apart is not our art but all the efforts that have been accounted for the creation of our unique craft! And then we thought, let it speak for itself of all the emotions we’ve ever given to it.


What did you bring along and what will you leave behind? Maybe, it’s just a bunch of good memories and the relationships that might be remembered till eternity.

The Founder


Founder - Leelakaar